Community Partners

Blue Water Baltimore

to_deleteBlue Water Baltimore is a not-for-profit organization with a mission to restore the quality of Baltimore’s rivers, streams and Harbor to foster a healthy environment, a strong economy, and thriving communities.

We work toward a future when our streams, rivers and Harbor are healthy, thriving ecosystems that are accessible and safe for citizens, visitors and commerce. To achieve these goals, we monitor the Baltimore area waterways for pollution. We organize trash cleanups, plant trees on public land, and provide green infrastructure to reduce stormwater runoff. We advocate for stronger laws for clean water, both locally and statewide.

Baltimoreans United In Leadership Development

buildbmoreBaltimoreans United In Leadership Development – is a broad-based, non-partisan, interfaith, multiracial community power organization rooted in Baltimore’s neighborhoods and congregations.

BUILD is dedicated to making our city a better place for all Baltimoreans to live and thrive. For more than 35 years, BUILD has worked to improve housing, increase job opportunities, and rebuild schools and neighborhoods, among other issues. We are affiliated with the Industrial Areas Foundation, a coalition of like-minded organizations in cities across the United States.



Meraki Community Uplift

Meraki_Final Logo

Meraki Community Uplift is bridging core life skills, as well as progressive ideals and initiatives to transform communities beginning with the Oliver community of East Baltimore.

By directing our efforts to one of our most vulnerable communities; our youth we will be able to make positive impacts for years & generations to come. The community lacks effective youth initiatives and engagement. Meraki wants to serve as that catalyst for a beautiful community full of potential to unite. Community partnerships,community stakeholders, businesses and leaders will come together in order to effect change for our children and neighborhood.

The 6th Branch

6th branch

The 6th Branch is a veteran-led community service organization that brings together veterans and civilians to serve our community on the home front in East Baltimore.

T6B transforms unmanaged, vacant, and hazardous areas into community assets in a process we call “Neighborscape.” T6B provides ongoing management after the initial transformation.  Neighborscape addresses food insecurity through urban farming, housing and environmental inequality through the renovation of public parks and spaces, and educational inequities through support to underserved public schools.  T6B currently manages 11 acres of once-vacant space, including the Oliver Community Farm, Ambrose Kennedy Park in Johnston Square, and a new park in Darley Park.

Waterfront Partnership


Shouldn’t our children feel safe playing around our harbor and streams? And shouldn’t we all feel connected to the natural habitat that surrounds us?

Waterfront Partnership’s Healthy Harbor Initiative works to restore and protect our City’s most valuable asset—the Baltimore Harbor. Millions of gallons of sewage, hundreds of tons of trash, and stormwater runoff are polluting the harbor and streams every year. These conditions are threatening the lives of the fish, crabs, turtles, birds, and river otters that are part of the harbor, and even simple contact with the water can be dangerous due to the threat of waterborne diseases.

Your Baltimore Community Development YBCD

ybIt is our mission to aggressively serve the needs of the Oliver community, where we are currently based, and empower residents to become caretakers of their neighborhood and stewards of its progress.

As residents we understand the toll of poverty, crime, drugs and blight. We are currently working with Baltimore City, other non-profits and residents, implementing grassroots programs and actions that increase quality of life in our community.

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