Oliver Virtual Tour

St. Joseph’s Hospital Nurses Home (Vacant), 1401 East Oliver Street: Built

in 1924, a rectangular four-story, thirteen-bay brick building with a flat

roof. —-, _

B-3981 Emmanuel Reformed Episcopal Church (New Antioch Church), 1400 North Eden

Street: A stone Gothic Revival Church built in 1893-1894, its plan is a

traditional nave with aisles.

B-3982 Grammar School No. 20 (Oliver Multi-Purpose Center), 1400 East Federal

Street: A two-and-a-half story, eight bay brick Romanesque Revival

structure built In 1890, with a two-story, nineteen-bay flat roofed brick

addition built in 1931.

B-3983 English Evangelical Lutheran Church

of the Reformation (Zion Baptist

Church), 1700 North Caroline Street: Built in 1914-1915 of stone, this

Gothic Revival church has a traditional plan of nave and aisles, with a

corner tower.

North Baltimore German M.E. Church (New Life Missionary Baptist Church),

1801-1805 North Bond Street: This is a Romanesque Revival stone church

built in 1895 with a matching addition of 1914. It is a square building

with gable roof, side gables, and corner tower.

B-3985 Engine House No. 19 (Vacant), 1601 E. North Avenue: A Classical Revival

fire house built in 1894 of brick, with a terra cotta front added in 1908.

It is a rectangular building whose facade is two stories high and two bays


B-3986 North Avenue M.E. Church (Eastern U.M. Church) 1403-1415 East North Avenue:

A stone Gothic Revival church built in 1895, with two square, gable-roofed

sections and two towers. The stone foundation of the Gothic Revival social

hall, which was never completed, was built in 1923.

B-3987 Second Congregationalist Church (Holy Church of Christ), 1249 East North

Avenue: Built c. 1888, this is a frame church with gable roof and corner

tower with spire. Originally covered in corrugated iron, it now has

aluminum siding.

Knox United Presbyterian Church – A modern rectangular, gable-roofed brick and

stucco church built in 1979 at the northwest corner of Preston and Eden Streets,

where Primary School No. 20 originally was located.

Dr. Bernard Harris Sr. Elementary School – A two-story, flat-roofed, “H”-shaped

brick building with playground, set upon an artificial hillock contained by stone

walls. It is located within the block bounded by Oliver, Hoffman, Eden and Caroline

Streets, where St. Joseph’s Hospital used to stand, and takes up all of that block

besides that portion occupied by the Nurses Home. Hoffman Street is closed off in

this block and used as part of the school grounds. It was built in 1969.

The Biddle Theater (see photo. 4) – Located at 1235 E. Biddle Street, this theater

was originally a garage with a hall on the second floor. The theater opened c. 1947

and closed in 1970. [Exit, p. 49].

The Church of the Redeemer (see photo. 116) – Standing at 1501 E. Oliver Street,

this frame building was constructed in 1899. Originally sided with corregated iron,

it is now covered with formstone.

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church (see photos. 1 and 2) – Built in 1905, of brick, at 1263

E. North Avenue. The east facade is now covered with stucco and there are later

additions on the north and east sides.

This was in December of 1888, and the house, 1304 N. Caroline



8. SIGNIFICANCE, continued

Street^ (see photo. 45) is the only home in the Madison Square-Oliver Historic

District, other than the parsonages, to have a full stone front.

This period was one of growth not just for Madison Square-Oliver, but


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