Meraki Community Uplift


The Seedling Program

We work with schools to reinforce their educational objectives within Science Technology Engineering Arts, and Math (S.T.E.A.M.). Community Seedlings is our flagship program for first grade students at Dr. Bernard Harris Elementary School. Through this program, students experience the first-hand process of growing fresh vegetables. learn more..

Flags Up Raceway

This racing recreation program prompts youth to establish intergenerational teams that design, build and drive race cars for competition. The underlying purposes of this project are to expose, educate, build, lead, teach, learn, and to compete, however, the main goal is to provide fun, interactive positive recreation for youth in Baltimore City. learn more

Mobile Food Carts

This program will meet the challenge of food accessibility in communities. Youth will build mobile food carts to make the fresh produce that they are growing in their own raised plant beds accessible to their neighbors.

Contact Erica: to volunteer.


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