The Oliver Community needs you!

There is plenty of work to do in Oliver and we need your help!


If you are an Oliver resident and would like to express interest in being on the Oliver Community Association (OCA) Board of Directors, please bring your “letter of intent” to the next Board meeting, every 1st Wednesday of the month, 6:00 pm, 1400 Federal Street. If you have any questions please contact: Mr. Walter Barham:, or (410) 215-5362.


The following committees have formed and we would love for you to join a committee(s) of interest to you. Please fill out the form at the bottom, if you would like to join any of the committees below, and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

Beautification Committee
The Beautification Committee is responsible for creating and maintaining initiatives to keep the Oliver community free of litter and to engage the community in working together to keep their neighborhood looking beautiful. It also encompasses the upkeep of the Oliver Community Garden, for those who would like to help maintain it.

Environmental Committee
The Environmental Committee will address environmental concerns, such as improving the tree canopy, rainwater runoff, pollution, etc. The committee will partner with area organizations that are committed to improving the environment in Baltimore.

Development Committee

The development committee will manage and oversee any development proposals and projects in Oliver, and will keep the community informed of this information.

Finance Committee

(description soon to come)

Governance Committee

(description soon to come)

Public Relations Committee
The Public Relations Committee is responsible for keeping the residents and businesses of the Oliver community informed of what is happening in Oliver and beyond, via multiple communication channels such as the website, Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter, etc. We are currently seeking dynamic and flexible individuals that can help us manage the newsletter, do reporting, writing for our blog, etc.

Seniors Committee
Seniors are the precious historical foundation of our Oliver community. The Senior Committee will assist Oliver’s seniors with services related to health; nutrition; education; various activities; safety; and other concerns. Wholeheartedly, this committee will partner with the seniors to help bring back and develop the originality that makes Oliver a special place to call home.

Youth Committee
The Youth Committee will work with the youth to create awareness, and address cultural and health issues and help them to become productive citizens by fostering leadership skills through mentorship and engagement. Will create a youth summit and summer workshop. Will offer various activities such as dance, the youth band, art, music, etc.


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