Bethel Farm Lab

pumkinfarmDid you know that Oliver has two farms? Bethel Farm used to be a vacant lot that was used as an illegal dumping ground.

Bethel Farm is located in the 1500 block of Bethel Street. The farm was established in 2016 by Your Baltimore (Oliver), Gather Baltimore, and concerned Oliver residents. Each year the farm is maintained by irrigation and tilling the soil, removing debris, raking leaves, fertilizing and planting seeds.

The farm has produced vegetables such as tomatoes, squash, collards, etc. for local consumption by area residents. 

At the farm, local youth are learning ways to grow vegetables by turning soil, planting seeds, removing weeds, observing for infestation and cropping the harvest as well as healthy eating habits. It is a great opportunity for family members to join together on an inexpensive environmental project that brings them closer to nature

A Community Garden is a source of positive change, a great way to fight hunger by making donations to organizations that feed the hungry, help to increase community awareness, build strong neighborhoods, meet and interact with your neighbors, produce crops that are unavailable locally due to limited access to grocery stores, help children to understand food sources, add beauty to spaces that were once vacant and used as area dumping grounds, filter rain water and helps to reduce pollution. Working in a community garden has proven to reduce stress and increases a sense of wellness.








The growing season is from April to December. We have internships for kids between the ages of 6 to 18. For more info., contact Earl Johnson: (443) 415-5274 We teach healthy eating and how to grow and sell fresh veggies.


Volunteers help with farm

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