About Us

CommunityMeetingThe Oliver Community Association (OCA) is a community-based corporation that has been serving the Oliver community for more than 34 years.  It provides assistance to residents with various city support services and organizations.  OCA offers home ownership counseling; support services for community clean ups, job placements and referrals, youth activities and assistance to elderly residents.

OCA’s mission is to provide a safe, attractive, and economically stable environment for its residents and the citizens of East Baltimore.  It encourages and fosters commercial and development investments in the community.  Over the past year, the city of Baltimore and OCA have been intensely engaged in developing a comprehensive physical redevelopment plan that will improve the quality of life for resident.  The key elements of the development plan includes stabilizing the strengths of the community by rehabilitating vacant and boarded properties as well as planning for newly constructed housing, public open space and off street parking.  This plan seeks to build upon the existing strengths of the neighborhood while strategically addressing weaknesses in or order to develop a viable and sustainable community. Diane_Marilyn

Boundaries:  1100-2400 E. North Avenue (N); 1000-2400 E, Biddle Street (S); 1200-1800 N. Broadway (E); 1800-1200 Ensor Street (W).

If you would like to reach us, please email us at info@myOliver.org. We look forward to hearing from you.

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