We Need Officers – Your Vote Counts!


New Oliver Community Association Board of Directors and Officer Election Coming Soon… We need new Officers.. Board Members.. We need VOTES We really need YOU!!! 

On June 15, 2017 Oliver Community Association (OCA) will be holding its bi-annual election for the new Oliver Community Association Board of Directors and Officers.

The Board of Directors will be the governing body of the Oliver Community Association.

The Board of Directors will oversee any funding resources received under the Oliver Community Association. Funding is available and needed for Oliver Schools, youth, beautification, housing, recreation and public safety.

The Board of Directors can give Oliver positive visibility and connections. The Board can coordinate Community Cleanups, contact Political Officials and bring important information and projects that will assist with making Oliver a great place to live.

There are four (4) Officer positions to be elected to the Board of Directors: the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. These are nonpaid volunteer positions.

This is where you come in…here’s all you have to do.

Electing a Board of respected members of the community is important.

Know someone great for the Board or an Officer position?

You can nominate someone or even yourself by submitting a letter of intent addressed to the Oliver Board at 1400 E. Federal St, Baltimore MD 21213 or via email to olivercommunitybaltimore@gmail.com.

The deadline to nominate yourself or someone else is Thursday, May 18, 2017.

Tell us …

  1. Name.

  2. Address.

  3. Position you want to fill.

  4. A brief bio.

  5. What you are willing to come to the the table with.

Oh!!!  Don’t forget… You must attend (3) three community meetings if you have only attended one community meeting since last June, for a total of three meetings.

Every 3rd Thursday @ 7pm at 1400 E. Federal Street

Bring your supporters to the March, April, May, and June meetings.

Let your VOTE really count!!!

The election of officers in your community association is just as important as voting for Mayor Catherine Pugh, Council President Bernard Jack Young, Councilman Robert Stokes, and Governor Hogan.

To qualify to vote:

  • ballotYou must live in the Oliver Community
  • Own a business or property in Oliver Community
  • You must attend three (3) Oliver Community Association Monthly Meetings between June 2016 and May 18, 2017.
  • You must be 18 years of age or older

Any Questions, or comments? Contact us by completing the information below.

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