Let’s Get Beautiful.

The Oliver community is beautiful in its own right, but couldn’t it be even more beautiful? With a collective effort from you, our residents, we can transform Oliver into a community oasis for fun, serenity, and togetherness. Isn’t that what a community is all about? Sometimes that just means adding a few plants and flowers.

garden-design-ideas-small-backyard-designs-2 small-house-ideas-with-outdoor-furniture
We have some exciting projects that we are working on to beautify Oliver. Some ideas that we have come up with so far are:

– Trash Clean-up
– Plant trees

Flower Projects – Hang and plant Flowers in the community
Create more green spaces
– Block Watchers
– Create Memorial Spaces/Trees to honor the fallen
– Art Projects such as murals and Sculptures
Beautify your Back – Help residents create outdoor living spaces in their own back yards to enjoy
No Littering Signs
– Scoop the Poop signs – Encouraging people to pick up after their pets
Get youth involved in beautification projects
– Stenciled designs on storm drains to discourage littering
– Secure playgrounds for the children
Adopt-A-Spot – Have various spots in the community with flower pots/plots that residents can adopt to water during spring and winter
Best Yard Contests
– Best Block Contest

What are your ideas? We’d love to hear them!

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